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What web browsers are supported?
Our game currently supports Internet Explorer, FireFox, Crome, Safari, Netscape and Opera.

How many Players will be able to play simultaneously?
This will depend very much on your server and it's allocated resources. Even without a dedicated server, you should be able to support at least 50 simultaneous players as long as you have a decent webhost.

Can I modify player credits in my admin panel?
Yes you can modify a players credits in the admin panel as well as reset passwords, reset stats and ban/unban players.

Can I change the language?
The admin panel is in English, however, all language used in the actual game that players would see can be customised in the language file. 

Can you customise my game?
That depends upon what you require. Send us your requirements with as much detail as possible and we will send you a free quote. We can also provide custom artwork for the poker console and unique 3D rendered table designs at additional cost.

Whats coming next for V2.x?
We may introduce a few more features into V2.x, however most of our efforts will be concentrated on the new V3.x due for release later this year, featuring faster gameplay and some new and exciting features. Details will be posted in the members area when available. 

When do I get my software after I purchase?
Each order is reviewed manually and then your install files will be configured, packaged and sent out to you with 24 hours 

Can you integrate with a payment system for me?
PHP Poker is just a game and is not designed for real money gambling. Therefore we do not integrate our product with any payment systems and strongly advise our clients against doing so.

Can PHP Poker link to my existing membership site/points system?
If you have some basic php/mysql knowledge then integration with an existing membership database and points system is very straight forward. If you do not have the required knowledge then we can integrate our game for you for an additional fee.

Do you sell the open source code for PHP Poker?
Unfortunately we do not sell the open source code for PHP Poker V2.5. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a legitimate open source copy of an older version for a small fee.

I have a question that is not answered in your FAQ.
We try and answer all common questions that clients ask within our FAQ however if there is something we have not covered please use the link below to contact us.
click here to contact support

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