PHP Poker and Casino Gaming Software

Technical Specs


Our PHP Social Poker Software Solution by Card Geniuses Gaming is a turnkey client-server application based on innovative technology and social media to provide poker players & businesses with maximum socializing opportunities while playing poker online, thanks to a variety of smart features.

Our brand new social poker client is a fully web-based application that provides players with a possibility to play directly on a social media website. Our poker room allows users to play up to 3 games simultaneously and access to both social and regular poker accounts via a single player account.

The system runs on a dedicated server with an option of clustering to increase the server capacity and speed of query processing.
We have crafted this gaming solution on the basis of maximum flexibility to provide an introduction of multiple social features and adjustments to our customer's & business's objectives.

Server Requirements

  • Web Server - Apache 2.x, IIS, CGI, FastCGI or ISAPI
  • Operating System - Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac
  • PHP Version - Minimum - 5+
  • MySQL Version - Minimum - 5+
  • GD complied with your PHP Build - Yes
  • PHP memory_limit - 64M
  • Minimum Web Space - 15 mb

Web Browser Requirements

The requirements for a web browser depends on what theme you are using for your site. The default theme we release has been tested to work on the latest versions of all the most common web browsers (eg. Firefox, IE8, Opera, Chrome etc...). For those that use Internet Explorer, must have version 8 or higher installed in order to properly use all the features provided by phpPoker.

How to check your hosting provider meets these requirements:

1. Ask your host. The best way to check your requirements is to simply contact your host and ask them. Simply link them back to this page so they can look over the list.

2. You can also download our test script here. The zip package will have 1 PHP file called "phppoker.php". Upload that PHP file to your server and run it like:

For a limited time, you will have the opportunity to bring our Gaming software into your operation at an unbelievable price.

Here's what's included:

  • A complete Software license for our PHP poker gaming software V2.5
  • No recurring charges or hidden costs.
  • Includes set-up, themes, features and all game play options.
  • 6 months expert support and software updates

Additional features and gaming options can be added for additional one-time fees.

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