PHP Poker and Casino Gaming Software

Our poker gaming software offers Texas Hold'em within a variety of tables, different betting limits and game options and tournaments, along with many appealing member features.

Play on any Tablet or Mobile Device:

Playable from any mobile and tablet devise, with touchscreen or mouse control (Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, any android supported device, iPad or android tablets). W3C Compliant.

True Poker Logic:

We thoroughly thought out and tested every possible action. Not only do we follow all the poker rules, but we enforce them. From multi-side pot scenarios to who posts the blinds when a player leaves the table.

High level security:

We pride ourselves in writing secure code. We protect against all types of attacks including XSS, and database injection.

In-Game Player Chat:

Table information displayed (i.e. as dealing the hole cards) Dealer information displayed (i.e. as in player won with a Queen high straight) 'Player Chat', where players can communicate while seated at the same table.

Theme/Templating system:

We built our platform in such a way that allows changing the style, look, and feel of every aspect of the platform using HTML and CSS without having to touch any of the core code. The themes can be changed at the click of a button.


Easy and Fast Installation via Fully automated, intuitive system install wizard.

User Registration System:

User Registration system (automated or manually approved), email activation, Single sign on, and shareable login database capability.

Intuitive Administrative Interface:

Create ring game tables, sit-n-go, or tournaments. Manage players and game settings such as Server stake size from tiny stakes to high rollers, set table action timers for how much time a player has to act at any particular table.

Multi-table Tournaments:

Create and run unlimited sized tournaments. Set the rewards based on player entries or a set amount. Custom prize payouts are an option as well. Set the number of seats per table (for those heads-up tournaments). Date & time the tournament will start, or start it when registration is full (sit-n-go). Choose the start blind amount, and when the blinds will go up.

Three Game Types Available:

We have No limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit poker game types.

Multi-Language Capabilities:

Run your Site in Multiple Languages simultaneously (Currently in English and Spanish).

Rotating Banner Advertising System:

You may publish literally anywhere standard banners and advertising, with no restriction but your imagination. Unlike many other products, it allows to show an unlimited amount of banners and advertising, which are randomly shown at the places you choose, and you may refer generically to an Ad by using specific placeholders.

Flexible Plugin Architecture (unlimited possibilities):

We've created a modular architecture which can be deployed with just a small sub-set of these modules as decided by the administrator. To use add on code for the core platform without having to change the core code..

Simple Update Procedure for the Core, Plugins, and Themes:

Just upload and replace files, yes it's that easy.

Player Ranking System:

This competitive system allows players to rank versus other players. Matching bankrolls, tournaments won etc..

Player Statistics System:

It includes game statistics (games played, tournaments played, tournaments won, etc.), Hand Statistics, Move statistics (fold ratio, check ratio, call ratio, etc.), Fold statistics (fold pre-flop, etc.).

Player Avatar System:

Players can choose an avatar to represent them on the poker tables or upload their own..

For a limited time, you will have the opportunity to bring our Gaming software into your operation at an unbelievable price.

Here's what's included:

  • A complete Software license for our PHP poker gaming software V2.5
  • No recurring charges or hidden costs.
  • Includes set-up, themes, features and all game play options.
  • 6 months expert support and software updates

Additional features and gaming options can be added for additional one-time fees.

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